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Assistive App
SpecialNeeds & Park

App will allow us to assist children with special needs. Providing information about 10 accessible playgrounds for special needs children in New York where childrens may enjoy some fun in the sun. These parks all include qualities that are ideal for children with varied disabilities. They have safety features to help avoid injuries and guarantee that everyone enjoys their holiday. It's not only just park information. It's about restoring children's safety in all of its complexities and freedom.

Merge Apps

Merge Apps! will be connected to the following applications:

iOScolleges PictureGallery
Calculator TipCalculator
FahrenheitConv GradeCalculator
KelvinToCelsius LoanCalculator
GuessGame AL1
Design BusinessCard

first website

Website Project:

Developed a website using HTML programming languages
Implemented links between pages (Links from Home to Contact)
Incorporated a Google Font, an Image, and an Email Link



Isory Santana(she/her) Currently a sophomore pursuing a BTech degree in Computer Systems focusing on software development at New York City College of Technology. Both Spanish and English are widely spoken languages. Passionate about designing applications and websites.

Technical Skills

Languages: HTML MySQL CSS Oracle JavaScript Python Kotlin Swift Dart Objective-C Java Flutter iOS Android


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